Think about the future with PRAMETHEUS



We have launched a new educational project to develop wider cooperation with technical secondary schools and universities across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Called PRAMETHEUS, the project provides young people with access to technical education and training to develop the engineering skills and experience needed for a career in industry.

The name is inspired by the Greek god Prometheus, who gave the human race the gift of fire and the skill of metalwork. It derives from the Greek word meaning 'forethought’ - a consideration for the future and planning in advance.

This is therefore an ideal connection with our project which aims to support and facilitate education, increase the level of professionalism by combining theory with practice and grow interest in a career in engineering.

PRAMETHEUS will provide students and teachers with an opportunity to involve themselves more into machining issues and bring students closer to present trends in the metalworking industry.

The project includes a series of seminars, excursions, technical consultations, as well as access to product literature, videos, competitions and latest news updates. It will also open up links to machine tool manufacturers across the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

For more information visit our project website -