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New catalogue for railway machining and maintenance



Rail continues to grow as one of the most important modes of shipping across the world and Dormer Pramet is focused on providing products to support rail manufacturing and maintenance. 

We have become a recognized supplier of cutting tools for machining wheels, axles, switches, dynamic rail milling and wagon parts. To showcase our expertise in the railway industry, we have released a new catalogue specifically for the segment.  

Along with traditional machining practices for turning new wheels and maintaining various parts, we offer a series of indexable inserts for dynamic rail milling, maintenance work while literally on the rails. 

The new 570-page catalogue, which is available as a pdf, contains more than just product overviews. Along with detailed railway knowledge and technical data, customers will also find machining information.  

A key element of the publication is the detailed product pages, where customers can review various aspects of the cutting tools available.  Additionally, the catalogue details technical information on grades, wear, materials, and rail profiles.  

The new Railway catalogue is currently available in English, but additional translations can be requested by speaking with a Dormer Pramet sales engineer. Download the new catalogue from our

Railway page