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Scouts build new tugboat with Dormer tools



The Admiraal de Ruyter scout group in the Netherlands, is building a new tugboat using Dormer Pramet tools. 

As a water scouting group, the meetings are often dominated by sports and games on the water. However, over the years the fleet of vlets has grown. While this would normally be a very good sign of the program’s success, it did lead to overworking the current tug. To be able to continue their activities in the future in a fun, safe, and responsible way, they decided to build a new tugboat. 

At the end of 2017 they started the construction of the new tugboat with the help of several sponsors. The outside is as good as finished, but the interior is not complete. The aluminum floor for the engine room, for example, was in place, but not installed. To attach it, they needed some drills, taps, and countersinks. 

When the boat was at the shipyard, they mainly worked with familiar red boxes of round tools. Jordy van Vliet, volunteer at Scouting Admiraal de Ruyter and student of the TU in Delft, had already used these tools knew they were perfect for this job. He went looking for the supplier of the “tools with the red box”, which is how the scout group ended up with Dormer Pramet. 


Like other scouting programs, the Admiraal de Ruyter scout group is an open, socially engaged youth organization which offers its members an enjoyable and challenging leisure time through various programs. Scouts learn to explore their own boundaries with respect for themselves and their environment and to take responsibility for themselves, each other, and the world around them. 

The Admiral de Ruyter Group is more than just scouting. They are also a social partner in the municipality of Krimpenerwaard. Their mission of social engagement fits with Dormer Pramet, which also considers corporate social responsibility very important. 

The scouts have finished putting the finishing touches on the tugboat by holemaking and tapping with Dormer Pramet's tools and celebrated the official christening of the tugboat on 7 May. 

More information about the new tugboat can be found at Home - Tugboat Project Scouting Group Admiraal de Ruyter (