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Dormer Pramet is committed to using engineering and innovation to make the shift towards more sustainable business. Integrating sustainability into our business model and ways of working creates value for all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders as well as society.

We take a holistic approach, including the entire value chain into our sustainability agenda. Our main contribution to sustainability is through our products and we work together with our customers and suppliers for more productive, safer and more sustainable solutions.

We have set long-term Sustainability Goals for 2030 in the areas of Climate, Circularity, People and Fair Play are in place to help us make the shift to a more sustainable business, which is one of our strategic objectives of our company.

All of our environmental and sustainability KPIs data are regularly reported and evaluated in our interim reports to ensure we are on the right track.

Our main goals are:


Ensuring at least of 90% material circularity for Packaging, Products, Waste, including key suppliers. We will focus on material and resource efficiency in all our new customer projects; and provide new models for re-use and recycling for our customers too.

CO2 reduction

we are going to reduce our CO2 emissions and reach halve production of CO2 in compare with years 2016-2018. We systematically work on Environmental improvement projects aimed at reducing electricity consumption at our production units. Currently, we are preparing the construction of solar panels on the roofs of one of our production unit.

Zero Harm

We aspire to the highest standards for people and we will keep stepping these standards up higher and higher. By 2030, we want to reach halve Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) in compare with base line years 2016 – 2018 until 2030. We regularly raise Health and safety awareness of our employees through workshops, Nanolearnigs and the annual Safety Day celebrations.​

Fair play goal

We will constantly aim higher in ethics and transparency, being a leader in playing fair and being open.

We are certified to: