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Why solid carbide drills offer higher and more reliable performance



The machining industry has undergone major changes over the last few years. The demand for higher-quality, more reliable products is growing constantly, and manufacturing companies must respond.

At Dormer Pramet, we have recently introduced a generation of multi-purpose solid carbide drills with unique capabilities onto the market that have elevated economical hole-making to new heights.


The uniqueness of our Dormer Force X and Force M products, lies in unique flute construction with a continuously thinned web and rolled heel design, which enables better chip removal and resharpening becomes easier. Through rigorous preparation of edges, strong outer corner design and even damage prediction, the drills improve hole quality and ensure a reliable process.


The Dormer R100/R120 are bright finish solid carbide entry level self-centering drills with 120° point-angle, for general engineering applications. The most typical industry segment for the range is general engineering, where the drills can satisfy multiple applications and materials, on everything from CNC machines to drill presses and hand applications on softer materials. 


Here is what our team has to say about the Force range and R100/R120 drills

Kunal Maini (Global Product Manager): “Easy to choose, easy to use. Force drills are a versatile coated solid carbide series for a wide range of materials in different applications, offering high quality holes and high performance with extended tool life.“

Gary Kirchoff (Global Product Specialist):The Dormer range of solid carbide products, offer a simple yet complete range of drills that can cover both ends of the spectrum. The highly productive Force X drills for steel and cast iron or the Force M drills for stainless steel high quantity production jobs, really provides consistent cost savings.”

David Risk (Global Product Manager): “The R100/R120 are entry-level general-purpose solid carbide drills offering excellent tool life with consistently reliable performance. They’re used in both bench drilling and CNC machine applications, mainly for general engineering and maintenance, and are the logical choice for small batch production in all industry segments.“

Tom Berrill (Field Sales Manager): “The R100 and R120 are perfect for those users seeking increased performance from HSS, but don’t have the necessary budget for a premium high performance drill. The Force X series offers the perfect blend between performance and functionality. Being a cross material drill it is well suited to subcontract general engineering machine shops.

Luiz Junior (R&D Supervisor): “The R100/R120 drills are our “4x4 vehicle”. No matter how you apply this solid carbide tool, you will have the versatility of a conventional HSS drill, with heightened performance.“