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​Domer Pramet OnLine ordering is fully integrated into the Dormer Pramet web site, giving a single access point and sign on for all options within our internet.

For registered customers, all standard products are available to order online, showing prices and availability. You can create orders for future delivery, save orders for re-use and even download orders from standard computer files. Order and invoice history can also be accessed (whether generated online or through an office order) and you can create new orders from these too.

If you are not sure what product code you need, you can search on our available products* or even use the Web Selector online* and transfer the product you find onto an order line.

Orders placed by a specified time are usually delivered the following day, but this may vary depending on location.

Online ordering is available for extended office hours and in some markets can also be used to order products at the weekend or during holiday periods for delivery the following week or after the holiday.