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Indexable Miling Focus e-learning


Let’s introduce you to our Milling Champions!


Economical 90° Shoulder Milling Cutter STN10 & STN16 

In this course we introduce you to our Accurate Champions. You will learn about our true 90° square shoulder milling range with numerous geometries.

Duration:   Approx. 30 minutes depending on individual learning speed.

After this course... 

  • You will know the advantages of the Pramet concept family tools
  • You will have a basic understanding of shoulder milling
  • You will know where and how to apply the STN 90° square shoulder milling cutter families best
  • And you will experience the cutter in action
  • If interested, you can do a brief check what you have learned at the end of the course

Take your time and join this e-learning!

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