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New look of shipping boxes



As result of our move to the brand-new distribution facility, our customers will start receive a new type of shipping boxes while the tool packaging itself remains unchanged. 

The change is driven by the ambition to reduce the environmental footprint of cartons shipped out of the new facility, but we want to guarantee that you are fully sure about originality of the goods received. The new packaging will ship from 1 August 2022.

The new shipping boxes will be made of brown recycled cardboard. We will use two basic sizes of the box while adapting the height to the content of the box. This ensures up to 30-40% less air and filling material to be shipped. 

The lid will be made of white carboard with tear strip to support opening the box. The lid will carry the shipping label positioned next to the tear strip. You may notice the new address of the distribution center, which is: 

Heernesse 1 
2635 DK Den Hoorn 
The Netherlands 


Please note that the new shipping boxes will temporarily carry no logo of Dormer Pramet. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the new look of the shipping boxes, feel free to turn to your traditional sales contact within Dormer Pramet for more info.