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New production hall starts to grow in Šumperk



New production hall starts to grow in Šumperk

The past twenty years have been among the most successful in our company's history. To create room for further growth, we are investing CZK 1 billion in Šumperk over the next three years.

The plan includes the building of a new hall, known as Hall III. Its construction will take place in 2023, but the demolition work, site preparation and utilities will begin in the summer months of this year.

All work on the new hall is carefully planned to have minimal impact on the immediate surroundings of our plant. Similarly, the design of the hall and the selection of the technologies take into account the fact that our production plant is located in a residential area.

Basic facts about the new production hall:

the new hall will have a floor area of 4,500 square metres

the machinery will enable highly automated and robotic production

it will offer employment opportunities for up to 70 new colleagues

the new hall will increase the capacity of the Šumperk production plant by more than 50%

a solar power plant will be installed on the roof of the new hall

it will meet the requirements of a modern energy-saving building

the project also includes the modernisation and increase of waste management capacity

The new hall will be completed and operational in 2024. We will keep you informed about the progress as it occurs. Follow our social networks, website or microsite