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​With more than 100 years of experience in the cutting tool industry, we have been supplying products to the railway segment for several decades. During this time, we have developed many items within our portfolio and are constantly adding new ones to meet customer needs. 

The railway industry features a variety of different components which must be machined in many ways. Having the right cutting tool is paramount. We offer numerous standard and tailor-made turning tools for the machining of railway wheels and axles, as well as milling and drilling tools for rails, turnouts, base plates and wagon parts.

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Wheel-sets are an assembly of the wheels and axle. They are manufactured from forged pieces and so a major focus is providing tools which maximize process reliability and quality for roughing and finishing operations. New wheels and axles are machined using a lathe to a standardized shape. Most are done in turning operations, but there are also requirements for drilling and tapping.

Our standard assortment includes roughing and finishing turning tools. Large, negative and positive inserts with chipbreakers, are suitable for high material removal, where rigidity is vital. Also, smaller positive inserts, with a sharp geometry, are used for achieving a fine surface quality.

Among the standard assortment of solid drills, indexable drills, Hydra drills and taps, we can also offer special tailor-made variants.

Wheel-set: Re-turning

Wheels are one of the most stressed components within a railway vehicle. They carry axle load of up to 25 tons and more. They guide the train on the tracks through curves and switches and are subjected to constant wear. 

Occasionally, the train wheels' profile must be renovated due to passenger safety and comfort. All failures, such as skid flats, scale, rust and rolling contact fatigue has to be removed. 

We offer a complete line of tools for wheel re-turning. Holders for Hegenscheidt, Rafamet and other machines are equipped with exchangeable cartridges with protective cemented carbide shim. Our insert geometries and grades can support various customer needs. Inserts LNMX 19, 30; SNMX 19 and CNMX 19 with chipbreakers RR, RM ensure high material removal, while RF, TF offer high surface quality. 

The main benefits of our range include:

• Exchangeable cartridges 

• Cemented carbide shim

• High variety of insert shapes – CNMX, LNMX, LNMT, SNMX, TNMM, ROEX

• Chipbreakers for all conditions: DF, DM, TF, TF1, TF2, RF, RM, RR​, RR2

• Wide range of grades: T9310, T9315, T9325, T5305, T5315 

• Rigid clamping by lever or excentre screw

• Easy insert or cartridge exchange


We offer several designs of milling cutters that can be used for rail milling. They differ in size (diameters 290mm, 600mm and 900mm), in clamping system (for use with different machine tools, including ø600mm cutters suitable for most Linsinger trains and trucks) and in machined profile. 

All our solutions have common features and advantages. Each cutter is designed as an assembly of universal tool bodies and interchangeable cartridges with indexable tangential inserts. 

The advantage of this solution is easy adaption to the machined profile, just by changing the cartridge type or swapping the inserts, as well as exchanging cartridges due to wear during the machining process. This saves money, decreases downtime and storage space requirements. 

Watch the video below to see our dynamic rail milling range in action. 


We offer various milling cutters for machining different tongue rails and crossing profiles. Tapered cutters for the stock rail side of the tongue, tapered cutters with radius for the wheel side, as well as tools for the rail head and web are the most common tailor-made products.

Standard tools, such as Penta HD and ECON HN cutters, also provide a productive solution for face milling operations.​

Base plates

In addition, our assortment includes a wide range of standard tools for face milling, slot machining, drilling operations and special tools for machining the dove-tail groove of the T-head bolt. 


Wagon components 

Our assortment includes tools for axles, chassis, mounted axles, couplings, junctions and many other rolling stock components.