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Carbide purchase

The company Dormer Pramet s.r.o. on the basis of the ISO 14001 certificate and the work principles related to it, it is authorized to purchase and store carbide products, including its processing in a special recycling facility. Used carbide products are processed into basic raw materials during recycling, which are subsequently used for the production of new WC tungsten carbide products.

We offer the option of buying back used carbide products at attractive prices. If the purchase price seems interesting to you, do not hesitate to contact us and agree on the terms of the purchase.

What we buy:

  • used inserts
  • monolithic cutters
  • monolithic drills
  • molding products

These products must not contain ceramics, cermets, screws and washers.

The originator of the waste (legal entity or natural person authorized to do business, during whose activities the waste is generated) classifies the waste according to the waste catalog (proclamation No. 93/2016 Coll.). The catalog number of carbide waste is 12 01 99 waste not otherwise specified (O) - waste cemented carbide.

SK waste purchase price list


   Kč / kg

> 1.000 kg

 450 Kč

> 500 kg

 430 Kč

50 - 500 kg

 400 Kč

< 50 kg

 380 Kč

The prices are shown without VAT and are valid from 1.9.2023. Transport costs are covered by the supplier.

Contact informations:  | Tel.: +420 ​583 381 557 | Identification number: CZM 00983