Automation in the production process



In 2018 we achieved a record for insert production, with 19.5million inserts manufactured for Dormer Pramet – the highest since our company was formed.  

Output has doubled over the last five years, thanks in part to an increased use of automated CNC machines, helping to the make the process more efficient and improve quality.

There is a big focus on automation in our production processes, with significant investments being made to help us become more flexible and match fluctuations in the market, allowing us to react more quickly.

New machines have been installed across our Sumperk and Sao Paulo production units, with more to follow in the coming months.

An example of this is a new automation machine in Sumperk which allows us to inspect inserts, check for any defects, mark them, label and package each item ready for distribution. It can process 1,500 pieces per hour, which equates to more than 35,000 pieces a day.

Key functions include a deionization station to clean the inserts and two inspection cameras to view the dimension, shape and coating from above and below. The laser marking is performed and inspected, before a pick and place robotic system moves the inserts from a rotary table to the plastic boxes. A final stage sees the complete package being labelled, demagnetized and verified.

This is the first time we are using fully automated processes to detect the quality of our products on this mass scale. It will allow us to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will significantly speed up this process.

All these activities form part of our involvement within Industry 4.0, helping to make Dormer Pramet more efficient, improve quality and increase productivity. Watch the new machine in action.