CASE-STUDY: German manufacturer puts their trust in S5 milling cutter


​A manufacturer in Germany has switched to our S5 range of solid carbide milling cutters after the assortment proved it can deliver a Simply Reliable performance.

An application the customer undertook included milling the borders of a stainless steel workpiece for a large filter technology customer, with a depth of cut up to 10mm.

However, they were experiencing reliability issues with a competitor’s milling cutters which were breaking or suffering wear at an indeterminate and unpredictable time.

As the machining process was often performed un-manned and at different times of the day, employees were having to come into the workshop to replace the tools, increasing both costs and machine downtime.

Dormer Pramet’s Andreas Gaertner put forward the S501 ball nosed end mill as an alternative option. Although it was twice as expensive as the original competitor’s tool, the end user foresaw the opportunity to improve performance and the entire process, helping to reduce costs in the long-term.

Andreas said: “By switching to the S5 range, the end user can trust that the milling cutter will go through the application without any problems. This means it can be run during a night shift without an operator and doesn’t require any employees intervening to change tools.

“The customer saves an enormous amount of machine time and reduces employee costs. The application is 83 minutes long and our milling cutters can run for even longer, but the customer is satisfied that he can trust our tools to not wear or break during this time. This is worth more to them than the overall cost of the tool.

“Since the customer switched to our Dormer range, not a single tool has broken or worn and they have ordered more than 100 cutters! This is a perfect example that the success is not measured in numbers or costs saved, but that the customer has put his confidence in our product to do the job and do it well.”

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