Celebrating our customer service teams


​Dormer Pramet’s customer service teams around the world ensure orders are processed quickly and accurately, and are always on-hand to answer a variety of questions.

This ‘Customer First’ approach forms an important part of our aim to provide an open, honest and trustworthy service in everything we do, every day.

Approximately 10% of our global workforce is made up of people in office-based customer service roles.

A key element of our Simply Reliable promise is to ensure every phone call is answered, emails are replied to promptly and orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

The team in our Elgin, USA, sales office for example, dealt with more than 32,000 phone calls in the first six months of 2018, with 99% of calls answered immediately without going to voicemail.

Also, each of our 22 sales offices around the world receive a high volume of emails, with the USA handling more than 5,000 in single a month alone.

As we continue to focus on digital excellence, our teams strive for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) improvements. EDI is where a customer’s own computer system automatically raises an order and transmits it directly to our distribution center to prepare for delivery.

Our sales teams proactively support EDI customers by identifying repeat errors to minimize future problems. With constant improvements, we have successfully reduced EDI error rates, improving the reliability for customer orders.

By measuring our performance, we can proactively identify areas to continuously improve the quality of our interactions and support for customers. Simply Reliable.