Charity support means nothing is impossible


Take it Laesie is a new foundation which supports people with spinal cord injuries to continue to do the activities they enjoy.
Founder Niek de Jonge created the charity after competing in a motor rally, where he was part of a team with the same name, playing on the phrase ‘take it easy’.  
As a paraplegic, Niek discovered what it costs and takes to participate in the rally when in a wheelchair or with any other disability. Also, he discovered that with the right support, it can still be done and that participants continue to get pleasure from it.
Therefore, his foundation in the Netherlands will make life easier for people who have experienced the impact of a spinal cord injury. This includes helping to adjust equipment they use in their daily lives to continue to meet their needs.   
When Dormer Pramet heard about Take it Laesie​, the team was quick to help by providing a range of Dormer drills and taps to support a range of machining applications. The foundation is still in the starting blocks as Niek puts the finishing touches to his education, as he trains in Technical Engineering.
Niek said: "The tools from Dormer Pramet will help because they are of good quality, which makes a real difference in all forms of machining. For example, the hole has the right diameter and size, so the bolts that go into the hole don't rattle. But also, having the confidence that it won’t break if used in the right way.”
Just like Dormer Pramet, Niek has a passion for engineering. He added: "As a young boy I was only involved in rebuilding mopeds, until cars became more interesting at the age of 18!”


When Niek had to start using a wheelchair, he had no intention of giving up this passion. It took some time before he could modify cars again, but as soon as he was strong enough, Niek went straight back to it. Today, Niek continues to work with cars, laying underneath, dragging engine blocks and rebuilding all aspects of the vehicle.                                

Niek says: "I'm happy with my modified BMW, which I can drive independently using the hand throttle and brake. People have sometimes asked me what’s my life motto and it is: "Nothing is impossible!”
Niek aims to take his experiences into the Take it Laesie foundation and help others continue their passions. 

Good luck Niek!