Die and mold catalog launched



The production of dies and molds offers numerous machining operations, from manufacturing small parts up to large die casting components.

As such, end-users require extensive knowledge and technical support to correctly identify which cutting tools they need for specific applications.  
The die and mold segment is a key part of Dormer Pramet’s product assortment, with numerous cuttings tools available to support various operations.
To support this, we have developed a new Die and Mold 2020 catalog, which showcases all product ranges available for this segment, particularly tools for material groups P, K and H.
The mainstay of the 224-page catalog is our range of solid and indexable milling tools, which covers the majority of die and mold machining operations. This includes high-feed cutters, copy milling, semi-finishing, finishing cutters and universal shoulder milling cutters.
Our solid milling tools cover roughing end mills, corner radii end mills, high feed end mills and semi-finishing and finishing operations.
The S7xx series, for example, are the universal choice for a wide range of machined materials in this industry. Families S2xx and S5xx are for specific material groups, while the S8xx represents the basic series of two and three flute end mills.
Each tool is displayed together with necessary technical information and recommendations for initial cutting conditions, based on the new workpice material group (WMG) classifications.
Please contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office for further details about the new catalog and our assortment for the die and mold industry. You can download a dig​ital copy of the publication below.

Download the catalog: