Energy reduction through production improvements


​A close cooperation between our production and R&D departments has led to several important technological developments, resulting in improved products and a reduction in energy consumption.
An example of this is a project for shortening coating cycles. By implementing new insulation on the furnace coating, we improved the heating of the CVD reactor, shortening the cycle time significantly.
This not only improved the deposition conditions, which affects the evenness of the coating on our inserts, but it also generated a positive impact for the environment. By reducing energy consumption, this modification will help lower emissions by 25tonnes of CO2 per year.
Also, we modified the sintering cycle during the production phase. This involved a redesign of the gas flow passing through the charge and implementing a more efficient furnace. The project succeeded in shortening the length of a single sintering cycle by 100 minutes (10% of the total length of the cycle), while maintaining the quality of the process.
A gradual introduction of this new technology began in 2019 and will continue during this year, with an expected reduction in CO2 emissions of 14.7tonnes per year.
Our goal is to develop new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption in the production process, helping the environment, while continuing to provide customers with high-quality tooling. This all forms part of our ‘Make the Shift’ 2030 Sustainable Business program.
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