Force for aluminium


We have extended our Force assortment, with a solid carbide drill for all types of aluminium, from soft to abrasive grades.


The flute and cutting geometry of the new Force N range features a 32° helix angle. This helps to break swarf into small manageable chips and reduce exit burr, which can occur when drilling soft materials.
Offering high metal removal rates and reduced thrust forces to improve hole quality and productivity, Force N is available on request in 5xD and 8xD lengths with through coolant.
Our hole-making assortment of solid carbide drills includes Force X for use across a variety of materials and Force M for stainless steel.
Meanwhile, we have added a new solid carbide drill for fast and accurate spotting. The R125 has a 150° self-centering point geometry, making it ideal for use with high performance drills with point angles around 140°.
Providing consistent performance and repeatability in all materials, a multi-layer TiAlN coating ensures longer tool life, improved cutting-edge stability and wear protection.
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