Keeping rail operators on track – part 2


Metalworking provides an invaluable role in the maintenance, repair and manufacture of numerous railway applications, including track, wheels and wagon parts.

An increasing demand for passenger and freight rail services is seeing a rapid growth in infrastructure investment around the world.

As a global tooling manufacturer Dormer Pramet has, for many years, supported the railway segment with a wide range of cutting tools for both production and maintenance. Our customers range from state owned companies to private rail operators.

Tomáš Hantek is International Application Manager for Railway at Dormer Pramet. In part two of our railway feature, Tomáš looks at the support we can offer for wheel set machining and reprofiling.

In new wheel set machining, most parts are manufactured from forged pieces. A major focus is that tools maximize process reliability and support a high-quality finish.

The production of new wheels, particularly roughing and finishing operations, can be completed with our standard assortment of RCMX inserts. Numerous sizes, grades and chip breakers provide options for every workpiece material and cutting condition.

As well as the manufacture of new wheels, there is a continuous need for wheel reprofiling through a wide assortment of machining centers from various manufacturers.

Our range of holders are suitable for some of the market leading manufacturers, including Hegenscheidt and Rafamet machines. This historical cooperation with machine producers and rail repair services has enabled us to develop a wide range of standard and custom solutions for increasing productivity and reducing costs typically associated with these processes.

It means that the renovation of railway and tramway wheels can be achieved with their standard assortment of inserts (LNMX, SNMX, CNMX), grades and chip breakers.

A Dormer Pramet customer in Ukraine, for example, required support with the re-profiling of railway wheels made of steel with a high hardness of 450 – 615HB. The LNMX30 insert with RF chip breaker and T9315 grade achieved a high level of durability and was significantly more productive than an equivalent supplier, machining 12 wheels compared to the competitor’s five.

Another success was with a specific machine builder for wheel set reprofiling in Poland. The customer wanted to resolve a chip breaking issue when machining hardened steel 800 – 900mpa. Once again, the LNMX30 insert was used, this time with the TF chip breaker and T5315 grade.

This combination achieved 50 per cent longer tool life compared to competitors, but also significantly improved chip breaking on the perpendicular surface.

For more information on Dormer Pramet’s capabilities for the railway industry, watch our video below, download our railway brochure or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

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