Specialist tools target tube production



Recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of tools for the tube & pipe processing industry, we have expanded our scarfing assortment.  

A new insert, additional sizes and accessory tools have all been announced to support the removal of weld deposit created during tube production – a process known as scarfing.
These latest additions include a series of positive, screw mounted, single-sided inserts for external scarfing. The SPUB 19 range features eight of the most commonly used radii in the production of thin wall electrical metallic tubing, also known as conduit. Its design provides a smooth chip flow from the point of cut to the chip winder, usually located above the tool.
In addition, new sizes of negative, double-sided inserts with eight cutting edges for external scarfing, have been added to our family.  
The SNMX 1507-R features a concave top, while the SNMA 1506-R incorporates a flat top. Both inserts are available in 23 of the most commonly used radii for weld bed removal on the external diameter.   
With inserts made of tough cemented carbide and featuring a CVD coating, Dormer Pramet’s scarfing range is capable of extreme heat resistance. The geometry of the cutting edge provides excellent tube surface quality, high durability and, therefore, longer tool life.
Meanwhile, a new range of shims has been developed to allow the clamping of negative inserts SNMX 2512 and SNMX 1507, with concave top surface, into existing Dormer Pramet holders.
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