Hydra heads towards cast iron


Our Hydra range of replaceable carbide head drills has been expanded with a new option specifically for cast iron.


The R970 head has been added to the existing Hydra program, which already includes types for steel (R950) and stainless steel (R960). All three heads are suitable for use on the existing range of High Speed Steel drill bodies.

A key feature of the Dormer branded range is that it offers easy and quick head changes, without the need to remove the body from the machine, minimizing interruptions to the production process.

Available in 3xD, 5xD and 8xD lengths, all Hydra drills incorporate coolant holes to improve cutting efficiency and swarf evacuation. The exact fit between head and body maximizes tool rigidity for superior hole-accuracy and precise tolerances.

Each head type is made from micrograin carbide, providing an excellent combination of hardness and toughness. Its Titanium Aluminium Nitride based coating offers high resistance to oxidisation and wear, promoting additional protection in abrasive materials like cast iron.

A strong corner design increases stability during drilling and reduces the forces encountered when exiting the work-piece. This improves surface quality and prevents ‘exit burst’ which can occur when drilling granular materials.

The 140° split point geometry in the Hydra range provides good centering capabilities and low thrust forces when drilling most materials, resulting in a more efficient operation that requires less machine power. 

Watch the new Dormer range in action on Dormer Pramet’s YouTube channel


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