Dormer Pramet library APP v2.1 released


​​A new version of the Dormer Pramet Library APP has been released and is now available for both iOS and Android devices. 

The APP gives easy access to a wide range of support material including product literature, data sheets and technical publications. Its progressive download functionality means you can quickly display the pages you need without waiting to download the complete publication. 

In addition, you can share and print pages or search for specific content around our complete 40,000-product portfolio. Several news updates have been made to the APP, including:  

  • Additional sharing options: Using the new version of iOS 13, you can now share the PDFs by text message, WhatsApp and Airdrop.

  • “Download All" button has been removed: To reduce the possibility of the APP crashing and improve the user-experience we have deleted this function. However, you can still download each publication one at a time.

  • PDF file name bugfix: This will allow the file to be shared with its own independent name.  

  • Mail signature: When sharing a PDF via email, the message will be signed “Dormer Pramet" instead of “Library".

  • The APP is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play in the USA, Canada and Mexico for the first time.

We are currently working on additional functionality updates which will be included in future releases.  

For more information visit the App Store, Google Play or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.