MSC partnership brings customer significant savings


As one of Europe's largest manufacturers, Gardner Aerospace places precision, quality and cost-efficient production in high regard.  ​

It is for these reasons the company with facilities around the world has opted for cutting tool support from distributor MSC Industrial Supply​ and Dormer Pramet.  
At their Broughton site in North Wales, Gardner Aerospace manufactures structural components for OEMs from a variety of material types.
MSC regional applications engineer Stuart Wiezniak was recently introduced to help Gardner Aerospace with a troublesome component that with an annual production output of 7,920, was tying up a HAAS S20Y turning centre.
The S98 stainless steel rod-end components with a 30mm diameter sphere, required considerable material removal rates to create a flat on each side. On the HAAS, the limited rigidity of the Y-axis milling head and the three-jaw chuck clamping set-up created frequent machine alarms and stopped production.
Stuart worked with Gardner to move the process to a Dahlih four-axis machining centre with a BT40 spindle taper and develop a fixture to hold and subsequently machine five parts in a single set-up.
By recommending an alternate machine tool, a different work-holding configuration and more applicable cutting tools, Gardner Aerospace is now saving more than £37,500 per annum on this one job, with scope to add even larger cost reductions in the future.
From a tooling perspective, Stuart worked with Dormer Pramet’s Adam Irving to remove the previous indexable ball nosed tool and replace it with a Pramet SBN10 32mm diameter high-feed cutter with five BNGX inserts​.
Applying the M6330 grade, the machining parameters were significantly improved. Running the new rough and semi-finishing at 0.7mm depth of cut and a cutting speed of 180m/min, cycle time was reduced from 5 minutes 49 seconds per part to just over 33 seconds.
MSC’s Stuart Wiezniak said: “In this specific application, the Dormer Pramet 32mm high-feed end mill was the optimal choice for high metal removal rates.
 “Cutting tool strategies are always a balance of costs versus productivity rates. In this instance, the annual tooling cost increased by £321 per year to £2,678. But we have slashed machine time by 81% from 724 hours to 141, and the cost per part has reduced from £28 to £23.
“The total saving not only absorbs the slight increase in tooling costs, but it also improves process reliability, frees-up machine capacity and man-hours, and improves component quality. We have exceeded customer expectations with regards to meeting the original objective whilst delivering the project goals on-time.”

Have you or a customer achieved significant productivity savings using Dormer Pramet cutting tools? If so, we would love to hear about it, please speak with local sales engineer for more information.