2016.1 New Products

Keeping it Simple 

A range of new turning, milling, hole-making and support tools for difficult to machine materials, including stainless steel, have been launched.

These latest tools all aim to simplify machining in challenging operations and materials. So, while the application might be tough, choosing the right cutting tool does not have to be. 

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Turning from start to finish

New NMR chip breaker expands our range for stainless steel machining, covering rouging to finishing applications.

Material specific carbide burrs

Offering higher metal removal rates, our latest burrs are designed for steels, stainless steels, fiber glass and composite materials.

Catalogue Apps Update

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Heavy roughing made lighter

A new chip breaker and grade for high feed turning of steels, cast irons and stainless steels.



When the grade gets tough

A new grade, M6330, supports milling in stainless steels, particularly in adverse cutting conditions.