General Purpose Stub Length Drills

A120 HSS Stub Drill

​ ​A022 HSS TiN Tip Coated Stub Drill

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  • ​General purpose stub drill
  • Suitable for drilling up to 2.5 x diameter in most materials
  • Special split-point ensures accurate drill location
  • Ideal for use in portable drills or machines
  • Size range: 0.5-25.0 mm, 1/32-15/16 Inch
Product Details
  • ​Features self-centring split-point for excellent positional accuracy and hole quality
  • TiN tip coating for extended tool life & increased performance
  • Also available in jobber length (A002)
  • Size Range: 0.5-16.0mm, 1/32-5/8 Inch
​ ​A117 HSCo Heavy Duty Stub Drill ​ ​R120 Solid Carbide Stub Drill
Product Details
  • ​Designed for drilling higher tensile, tougher materials where greater heat is generated during machining
  • Ideal for use in CNC & automated machines
  • 135° split point geometry (over 1.5mm )
  • Also available in jobber length (A777)
  • Size Range: 1.0-13.0mm, 1/8-1/2 Inch
Product Details
  • ​For general carbide drilling applications on automated machines
  • 120° four-facet point for improved accuracy & hole quality
  • Bright Finish
  • Also available in jobber length (R100)
  • Size Range: 1.0-12.0mm

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