Hydra Solid Carbide Replaceable Head Drills


​Interchangeable solid carbide head drills for high performance machining of steels, stainless steels and cast iron. Proven in drilling structural steel beams used in the construction industry. One of the most reliably accurate interchangeable head drills available. Fail-safe head location can be changed without ejecting the drill from the machine. Available with coolant feed across the full range and a choice of HSS bodies to support drilling to 3xD, 5xD and 8xD:


R950/R960/R970 Hydra Drill heads

H853/H855/H858 Hydra Drill body


  • Interchangeable solid carbide head for steel (R950), stainless steel (R960) and cast iron (R970)
  • Exact fit of head to body ensures superior accuracy and performance
  • Easy and quick head changes - no need to remove tool from spindle
  • R950 Size range: 12.0-42.0 mm, 15/32-1.5/8 Inch
  • R960 Size range: 12.0-30.5 mm, 15/32-1.3/16 Inch
  • R970 Size range: 12.0-42.0mm, 15/32-1.5/8 Inch
  • Hardened steel body with high gloss nickel plating for increased wear resistance
  • Three length options available to support drilling depths to 3xD (H853), 5xD (H855), 8xD (H858)
    One body capable of accommodating multiple head sizes
  • H853 Size range: 12.0-30.5 mm, 15/32-1.3/16 Inch
  • H855 Size range: 12.0-30.5 mm, 15/32-1.3/16 Inch
  • H858 Size range: 13.5-42.0 mm, 35/64-1.5/8 Inch


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