Carbide Burrs

We offer a wide assortment of carbide burrs as part of the Dormer rotary tooling program. Our range covers a variety of applications and materials, including hardened steel, non-ferrous materials and plastics.


Designs & Shapes

  • Cylinder and ball nose cylinder
  • Ball and oval
  • Pointed and ball nose tree
  • Flame
  • Cone and ball nose cone
  • Inverted cone
  • 60° & 90° Countersink
  • Diamond Cut Router

Features available across the range include:

  • Toughened and hardened steel shanks (above 6mm)
  • Provides rigidity and strength
  • Prevents bending and reduces vibrations, resulting in longer tool life
  • Ground to h6 (carbide) and h7 (steel) for improved holding

  • Special brazing elements provide excellent braze strength
  • Excellent impact strength able to withstand high forces
  • Able to withstand higher temperatures without failing
    Ball Nose Geometry
  • Skip flute grinding
  • Increased strength at the centre
  • Reduced chance of swarf congestion and chipping
  • Improved cutting action closer to the centre

Dormer’s carbide burr range is identified by the following product code:

  • P***

    For more information or to view our complete range of carbide burrs please download the brochure (pdf)

    Below you can find some highlights from our Rotary Burrs program. For more information or to view our complete range click here.
Double Cut (DC)
for general purpose use
Aluminium Cut (AL)
for non-ferrous materials and plastics
VA Cut
for high metal removal rates in Stainless Steel
ST Cut
for high performance machining of steels

for machining Fibreglass and composite materials
Carbide Burr Sets