Tap Sets – Drill & Tap Sets


We offer a wide selection of tap sets featuring popular hand and machine taps, many of which include corresponding tapping size drills:

•  L113: A002 HSS TiN Tip jobber drill & E000/E001/E002/E003 multi-material ISO tap sets
•  L114: A002 HSS TiN Tip jobber drill & EP00/EX00 multi-material DIN tap sets
•  L114: A002 HSS TiN Tip jobber drill & E297/E298 tap sets for steels
•  L114: A108 HSS jobber drill & E238/E240 tap sets for stainless steels
•  L115: A022 HSS TiN Tip stub drill/A002 HSS TiN Tip jobber drill & E500 general purpose tap sets
•  L119: E100 Serial tap set
•  L120: Threading equipment set including taps, dies, tap wrench(es) and die stock(s)
•  L126​: Combi drill-tap set

Our full range of tap sets is summarised below. For more information about any product shown here simply click on the product code (extreme left column). 

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