2016.2 New Products

We've expanded the family

Our diverse family of rotary and indexable tools has grown with new lines across milling, turning, drilling and threading assortments.
The new additions, part of our second product launch of 2016, ensures that no matter what the application or material, we have the right cutting tool for the job.

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Milling from a different angle

We have introduced a versatile new line of tools and inserts to support economical shoulder milling applications...

Growing the options

We have expanded our existing range of
forming taps...



Deliver security when you need it

A comprehensive program of solid carbide taps for machining hardened steels...

Helping you to the finish

​We have launched several new inserts and a grade to support turning in specific materials.

Expanding the versatile

Our S8 range of solid carbide cutters provides proven performance and versatility in a wide variety of applications. 

New shank design improves countersink performance

Our Dormer range of countersinks has been expanded with a new flatted shank design to provide a more positive drive when used in hand held applications.

A helping hand in a tough spot

A new range of tools for drilling spot welds and sheet metal has been developed