Solid Milling Cutters

We provide a versatile program of rotary milling cutters under the Dormer brand covering almost every engineering material
and application.

Within the range we offer five basic types of shank cutters in High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Cobalt (HSS-E & HSS-E PM) and Solid Carbide (HM) to cover a variety of milling operations:

•  Two flute slot drills: made to close diameter tolerance for milling of keyways, slots and pockets
•  Three flute slot drills: offer a versatile option between 2 and 4 flute cutters with the ability to profile as well as produce slots and pockets
•  Four-flute / multi-flute end mills: used primarily for profiling operations with low-medium metal removal rates, offering superior surface finish quality
•  Ball nosed cutters: for profile milling and contouring of complex surfaces
•  Roughing end mills: for high metal removal applications

Additional cutter types available include T-slot cutters, woodruff cutters, dovetail cutters and corner rounding cutters. We also offer Carbide Thread Milling Cutters to support thread production with a milling operation. Click here for more information about our Thread Milling range.

Dormer's solid milling range is split into three main areas:

•   C***  HSS, HSS-E & HSS-E-PM Cutters
•   D***  HSS & HSS-E Side & Face Milling Cutters, Shell End Mills and Slitting Saws
•   S***  HM (Solid Carbide) Cutters

Below you can find some highlights from our rotary milling program. For more information or to view our complete range, please click here




​HSS, HSS-E & HSS-E-PM Cutters program

HSS & HSS-E Side & Face Milling Cutters, Shell End Mills and Slitting Saws




HM Cutters for Difficult to Machine Materials (DTMM)

​HM Cutters for Hardened Steels

HM Cutters for Non-Ferrous Materials




​HM Cutters for Medium Strength Steels

​HM Cutters for Multi-Applications

HM Cutters for General Purpose Machining


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