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Precision Twist Drill Manufacturing in 1950s

In 1952, a number of important firsts happened in America. The first fiberglass sports car was designed in Flint, Michigan. The first supersonic jet fighter was flown at Edwards Air Force Base. And, in a suburban Chicago garage, the first Precision Twist Drill was manufactured by PTD's founders, Harry and Jim Beck.

Pride in meeting our customers' needs has always been a major driver of the Precision Twist Drill brand. Originally launched to support the micro drill market to make fuel injectors, the brand boasted just two sizes of drills. Today, your PTD tools are available in letter, number, metric and fractional, as well as to a variety of industry standards.

​Delivering affordable reliability for your peace of mind is our goal. Trust the brand that has been trusted by your parents, your grandparents and your great-grandparents.

Thanks for making us a member of your team through the years. As we continue to meet your needs, we look forward to many more years of delivering the quality cutting tools you deserve.​

The journey continues . . .

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