Our responsibilities

​Our Environmental, Health & Safety culture is deeply rooted in our values and is fully integrated into the way we ‘do business’, delivering both sustainable and continuous improvement.

Supported by effective management systems and processes, every Dormer Pramet employee is committed to our vision: zero harm to our people, the environment we work in, our customers and suppliers.


Dormer Pramet is committed to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution arising from its activities.

The impact of our operations is under constant review, with the aim of reducing our consumption of raw materials and energy at every opportunity.

To achieve this, Dormer Pramet maintains an environmental and climate change strategy. This has been designed in accordance with the specifications defined in ISO 14001, International Standard for Environmental Management Systems.



Health & Safety

One of our key business objectives is the provision of a safe and healthy workplace. Our certified management system is based on OHSAS 18001.

We take all appropriate preventative actions to avoid accidents and, if they do occur, to minimize both their consequences and the likelihood of them re-occurring.

At Dormer Pramet, we encourage all employees to take a pro-active approach to the adoption of safe and healthy working practices, regardless of their location or duties. To this end we systematically review our safety standards and undertake regular education and awareness campaigns




Dormer Pramet, through its products, services and actions, strives to provide customers with the competitive advantage they need to succeed in their own industries.

Our commitment is to provide you with what you need, exactly when you need it.

Our quality management system complies with ISO 9001 and ensures all processes are reviewed as part of a program of continuous improvement.