Technical Support Information

​We want to ensure that you have all the required information for your cutting tool needs. If our teams are not available to provide support, you can find reference information here and download information. Not finding something? Please fill out our form below and we will be happy to assist you.​​

Application Material Groups / ISO Reference Guide (download guide)

Drill Feeds & Speeds (downlo​ad guide)
How To Use This Chart to Find Cutting Feed Rate (IPR):
1. Find your Alpha Code on the AMG Chart (example: 279 U:U is the AlphaCode)
2. Find the closest diameter for your cutting application on the chart to find your IPR

Decimal Equivalent Charts (click on which you would like to download: Large Wall Sized Chart​ / Smaller Pocket Sized Chart)
DecimalChart_1.JPG TapDrillSizes.JPG