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​Workpiece Material Group Overview
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​ISO 13399 Terminology 
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Previous to 2019, we classified our tools according to WMG (Workpiece Material Groups) and AMG (Application Material Groups). We have unified our technical data formats to only use WMG.
WMG support easy and reliable selection of the right cutting tool and starting values for machining conditions in particular applications. Dormer Pramet classifies workpiece materials into ISO groups, sub groups and material properties.

More information on this classification system can be found in the download.
​​ISO 13399 is an international cutting tool information standard. It provides dimensions and parameters in a neutral format that is independent of any particular system or company nomenclature. When cutting tools are clearly defined according to a global standard, all types of software can process the electronic data more quickly, improving the quality of communication and helping to make the exchange of information run smoothly.

Dormer Pramet began aligning all of its product data and catalogs with ISO 13399 in November 2019.

Quick Reference Guides:

​AMG / ISO Reference Guide
(download guide)
​Drill Feeds
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​Decimal Wall Chart
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​Decimal Pocket Chart
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​In 2019, we transitioned all products from AMG to WMG. This is a legacy chart that can help users who are referencing older documentation.
With the transition away from AMG, this chart is no longer valid. This is a legacy chart that can help users who are referencing older documentation.

Speeds and Feeds can be found in the front of our catalogs. B​rowse our catalogs to view the speeds and feeds.
​This is an easy to reference large scale chart for decimal equivalent reference.
​This is an easy to carry pocket-sized chart for decimal equivalent and drill/tap reference.