2016-09-12 - 2016-09-17, Chicago

IMTS 2016


Thanks for a successful IMTS 2016!
Read our post-show report on our blog.​ We look forward to seeing you in 2018 . . .

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​IMTS 2016
Sept 12-17, 2016
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL - USA
Booth: W-2464
Your Winning Combination for Cutting Tools
Dormer P​ramet's booth will feature its comprehensive brand offering as well as interactive productivity, machine shop and customer appreciation zones.

Productivity Training Schedule​Product HighlightsMeet the IMTS Team and Connect! ​
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NEW Pramet inserts and grades
Dormer MPX Solid Carbide Drill​Chris Dones   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Mon (Sept 12) - 1:00PM - 1:30PMPTD HX High ​Speed Steel DrillAlan Fowler
​Finding Efficiencies with Versatile Indexable MillingUB Self-Locking TapsAndrew Hunter   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​​​Dan Murrell   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Tues (Sept 13) - 1:00PM - 1:30PM​Jim Rayburn   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Keeping Reliability and QualityRuss Reinhart LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Antonio Rodriguez  LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
Wed (Sept 14) - ​11:00AM - 11:30AM​Contests and Giveaways​John Roth   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Indexable versus Round Tool Drilling​Bring your Winning Combination code to​Shawn Yost   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​the booth to receive one of our many prizes,
​Thur (Sept 15) - 1:00PM - 1:30PMincluding golf balls, pocket charts or even a​Application Specialists
​Troubleshooting Solid Carbide DrillsFREE Pramet indexable insert or a FREE​Dan Cormier   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Precision Twist Drill HX drill!​Mark Damato  
​Fri (Sept 16) - 1:00PM - 1:30PM
​Jim Januska
​​Finding Efficiencies in Versatile Indexable MillingDon't have your code? Ask one of our sales​Phil Kerg​   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg

team members, follow us on social or email​​Fernando Perez​   
​​​ to request a code.​Brad Rimmer 

Product Specialists / Managers
​Josef Bittner   
​Gary Kirchoff   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Jesus Nava   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Ricky Payling  
​Martin Sehnal   LinkedIn-Logo.jpg
​Karel Tiefenbach