Dormer Toolbox


Dormer Tools has given its thread size calculator app for the
smartphone and tablet its biggest update yet with a host of new features added.
The new Toolbox app provides a valuable resource for engineers and machinists
with a range of accessories available to provide a simply reliable one-stop shop
for threading processes.
It will make it even easier to use Dormer’s cutting tools and provide the security
that the tool being used is the right one for the right application.


Key features include:

Thread size calculator: Provides improved process security by selecting the correct drill diameter for a thread. Simply input the size of the desired thread, select the process (tapping or forming) and standard (DIN or ANSI) and the calculator quickly and accurately determines the correct drill size.

Calliper: Need to know the diameter of the cutting tool? Place the tool on the smartphone or tablet screen and the calliper will measure it!

Bubble Level: Use this feature to check the alignment of an object or surface.

Decibel meter: Useful to check the noise levels in any working area

Obsolete items & alternatives: If one of the old out of stock Dormer products is selected, this service will let you know which tool you should upgrade to in order to get the job done

Converter (mm-inch): Convert dimensions from millimetres to inches and vice-versa

Multi-language: This app is a multi-language app that allows the user to switch easily to other available languages.

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Dormer Technical Handbook



The launch of Dormer's first new technical data handbook for over 15 years is ready.
This new publication will be packed full of useful information for engineers including quick reference tables, tool nomenclature, cutting data formulae, manufacturing standards and useful machining hints/tips, for the first time in the market, nothing similar has been published yet.



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