Black Shark tap an ideal partner


​​​Our new range of Black Shark taps are proving a huge hit in the province of Alberta in Canada.
Ivan Royer, territory manager for Dormer Pramet Canada, has supported two companies in the region to transfer their tooling to the DIN ANSI Black Shark range, which was launched in November 2019.
Pearson Manufacturing Ltd, repair and manufacture a diverse range of products for the oil and gas industry, with a requirement for offering superior quality and a quick turn-around.
Their application required tapping a hardened, abrasion resistant, alloy wear steel plate (AR500), using Jokisch Econo 897 paste, as well as coolant.
Ivan met with the company owner Dan Pearson to offer the E816 spiral point Black Shark for use on their new HAAS VF-4 machine tool.
A competitor’s tap failed halfway through the third hole. In comparison, our Black Shark tap completed 48 holes! The tool did not break but was replaced at this point as the spindle load was getting too heavy. It was a clear victory and the impressed customer quickly put in an order.
Meanwhile, in a remote northern region of Alberta, Heavy Equipment Repair Ltd, is in the heart of the forestry and oil and natural gas industries. It specializes in long haul trucking and construction equipment repair, machine shop services, welding and metal fabrication, with facilities totaling over 50,000sqft.  
It works daily with Hardox wear plate (58HRC) and was struggling to find a machine tap that can handle this material, having tried a variety of brands with no success.
Ivan suggested they try our E816 DIN-ANSI spiral point Black Shark tap worked very well with the material and was a third of the price of their current tooling. Using regular tapping fluid, the Dormer tap achieved more than 20 holes to complete the job and it still looked like new!
This same customer is now using our Dormer R950 Hydra replaceable head drills on the same Hardox material.

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