Drilling and Tapping in Stainless Steel


The Dormer Force M and Blue Ring Shark Form Your Perfect Combination.


The Dormer Force M solid carbide drill and the Dormer blue ring Shark tap provide reliable drilling and tapping for the difficult process of machining stainless steel.

The Force M offers a high level of productivity for drilling ISO-M materials across a wide variety of conditions. Featuring a modified four-facet split point geometry for self-centering and improved hole-quality and with a Continuously Thinned Web (CTW) flute construction, the Force M delivers a highly consistent and reliable drilling process.

Supporting drilling depths of 3xD solid construction (R458) or coolant through (R467) and 5xD solid construction (R454) or coolant through (R463), the Force M drills feature internal coolant delivery in all sizes from 3mm to 16mm and 1/8 to 5/8 inch.

When it comes to tapping stainless steel, the blue ring Shark tap is the candidate to meet your productivity needs. The taps' advanced geometry provides a significant reduction in axial forces and torque compared to conventional taps. This ensures problem-free threading of blind and through holes. Manufactured from a powder metallurgy tool steel, the Shark provides a combination of toughness and edge strength for higher cutting temperatures while offering excellent performance and tool life.

Available in both spiral point (E813, E913, E629, E769) and spiral flute (E812, E912, E628, E768) options. The spiral flute incorporates a special edge treatment to increase strength and reduced micro-chipping on the cutting edges to improve performance and tool life.

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