New toolbox app created


Dormer has launched a new Toolbox app for use on smartphones and tablets.

The interactive app is an update to its current Thread size Calculator and provides engineers and machinists with a range of additional accessories to support threading processes.


Key features of the Toolbox app include:

  • Thread size calculator: Provides improved process security by selecting the correct drill diameter for a thread. Simply select the operation (cutting or forming), choose the threadform (M, MF, UNC, UNF etc), select the thread size (pitch is calculated automatically) and finally identify the unit system (metric or imperial). The calculator quickly and accurately determines the correct drill size. 
  • Bubble Level: Use this feature to check the alignment of an object or surface. 
  • Loudness meter: Useful to check the noise levels in any working area
  • Obsolete items & alternatives: If one of the old out of stock Dormer products is selected, this service will let you know which tool you should upgrade to in order to get the job done
  • Converter (mm-inch): Convert dimensions from millimeters to inches and vice-versa
  • Caliper: Need to know the diameter of the cutting tool? Place the tool on the smartphone or tablet screen and the caliper will measure it! This feature is available for Android devices only. The iOS version is currently being optimized to the latest Apple software update.
  • Multi-language: This app is a multi-language app, it sets up automatically according to the device default language.  


    Dormer's free app is available for both iOS and Android devices from iTunes and Google Play respectively and can be found by typing 'Dormer' into the search section.