Part Numbers Changing from EDP to MID


EDP part numbers for Dormer, UB and PTD products are changing to MID numbers.

​As part of our continued efforts to support our customers globally, Dormer Pramet will be adopting new primary part numbers for select Dormer, UB and PTD products. Products impacted by this will be those released prior to 2015. There are three primary drivers for this change:

  • The legacy EDP number format was developed prior to computer systems and the leading zero is not supported in many ERP systems, leading to order errors.
  • Part number optimization is frequently mentioned as an area for improvement in feedback from the market, as we have various lengths of part numbers.
  • We currently have up to 3 part numbers for some of our products. The primary part number has been the EDP number. Our internal reference has been the MID (Material ID) number. Going forward, the legacy EDP number will be removed with the MID becoming the primary part number. This will reduce the total quantity of part numbers for these products to two.

Below is an example of our popular Precision Twist Drill R10, ¼ inch Jobber Drill Bit, with current and future part numbers:

Current Part Numbers
​New Numbers
EDP: 010016
No longer active
MID: 5998660
Will remain
eCode: R101/4
Will remain

To make this transition as smooth as possible, all Dormer Pramet documentation such as order acknowledgements, invoices and labelling will contain all part numbers during this transition.

You can also reference the MID on the 2021 Pricing List and by downloading our referen​ce excel sheet. We will also ensure that products will continue to be searchable by legacy EDP numbers on our website.

If there is any support we can offer during this transition, please reach out to your local sales contact or contact our customer service team.