Milling from a different angle


Pramet TNGX Inserts deliver versatility, economy and cost savings.

The new TNGX10 double-sided triangular inserts offer depth of cut up to 0.197 inch and feature six cutting edges for excellent economy and low machining costs.

The TNGX inserts are suitable for numerous materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron non-ferrous metals and super alloys, as well as different applications, including shoulder, face and slot milling, helical interpolation, ramping and progressive plunging. In face milling M3 stainless steel, the TNGX insert has double the durability as a comparable insert. 

To support the new milling insert, three new high positive geometries have also been launched. Geometry F has a narrow peripheral land and is suited to light and medium machining of P and for low to medium carbon steel.

Geometry M with a medium T-land is also suitable for light and medium machining, but for carbon steel and stainless steels.

Finally, geometry FA has a sharp cutting edge and is primarily for machining non-ferrous metals. Its polished insert face reduces built-up edge from the machined material, promoting longer tool life and better workpiece finish quality.

Watch the TNGX in action below.

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