Setting the standard in die and mold


​​​​​Setting the highest standards in productivity and process security is expected by die and mold makers.

As a leading global supplier of tooling to the segment, we offer both indexable and round tools which are widely used across several die and mold applications. 

This includes a varied choice of high-feed cutters, as well as tools for face, shoulder and importantly copy milling. Indexable drilling and boring products are also available. For round tools, we can cover hole-making, milling and fine profiling, tapping and reaming. 

To showcase our capabilities for die and mold, we have produced a new 32-page brochure for this segment, along with additional online material. This features a summary of the cutting tools available for specific die and mold materials, such as steel and hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum​, copper, bronze and graphite.
The brochure contains the best assortment of indexable and round tools, which cover the key production operations for mold and die makers. Product information is supplemented with QR codes, linking to official videos where you can see the tools in action.
Also, the publication outlines which tools can be applied for various operations, from roughing, semi-finishing to fine finishing.
In addition, we can provide made to order custom tools for various application needs, while offering technical advice, CAD/CAM support and a thorough customer service.
Where standard tools cannot meet the customer requirements, our custom-made service of specials provides a suitable option. This can help reduce machine time and make the whole process more effective. Both indexable and solid round tools can be developed to meet requirements.
Special tools are designed, developed and produced at our dedicated production units, with recommended coating and grade choice. It includes custom made production of bodies, arbors and inserts, along with end mills, drills, step drills, taps, reamers and countersinks in HSS, HSS-E, HSS-E-PM and carbide materials.



Download the brochure online or access the publication from our popular library app on any smartphone or device.