The Jobber Drill for the Job - R10


This all-around HSS jobber drill will get the job done!

Looking for the jobber drill that does the job in a variety of materials? Precision Twist Drill has the largest selection of standard jobber drills in the market! The versatile Precision Twist Drill R10 series is available in a variety of options.

The basic R10 is a general purpose jobber length drill with a 118° conventional point, perfect for drilling holes in  a wide variety of metals and synthetic materials. Also available in HSS Cobalt, the R10CO features a 135° self-centering split point and bronze oxide for wear resistance.​

​The R10 series is able to drill to a depth up to four times the diameter of the drill. This drill series has a straight shank, where the drill diameter and the shank diameter are always the same. 

This popular jobber drill is available in fractional (R10), wire gauge (R18) or letter (R15) sizes. 

​The extensions of the R10 (R10A, R10B, etc.) include coating and material options as shown below. 

HSS and steam tempering (black oxide) for harder ferrous materials.

​HSS Cobalt and g​old oxide to reduce grinding stress. NAS 907, Type J

HSS and steam tempering (black oxide).​ NAS 907, Type A

​HSS and steam tempering for harder ferrous materials. NAS 907, Type B

​​​HSS and uncoated (bright) for soft or non-ferrous materials.

HSS, uncoated and high helix for soft or non-ferrous materials.
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​​Also available in sets of 15 up to 115!


Download the R10 flyer: