XP Center to be opened at Cutting Days


Our new Experience Center is opening!

The event will take place on September 4th, with a host of dignitaries planned to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Our new XP Center aims to build on the extensive knowledge within Dormer Pramet to develop new features and functionalities for the next century.

It is a major investment in the future of our company and offers access to professional expertise and equipment for developing new materials and technologies in both indexable and round tools.

The XP Center will be hom​e to our materials team who are currently focusing on researching the properties of substrates, developing new CVD and PVD coatings and improving the implementation of the cutting edge.

As part of the R&D projects will be the creation of new production technologies and their implementation, improving knowledge to support the manufacture of cemented carbide products in the most efficient way.

Also, the XP Center will feature a modern laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as an electron microscopes, 3D scanners and a machine for measuring material wear during repeated stress.

The very core of our XP Center is a modern testing room equipped with machine tools and measuring equipment. This will allow us to test the functional properties of product prototypes and verify whether the cutting tool meets our expectations.

All this is possible thanks to three lathes and three milling centers within the new facility. Our machining capabilities will form the backbone for efficient testing and practical demonstrations of our products.

A further two machines will be reserved purely for our customers – a lathe and a milling center. These machines will form part of a comprehensive training base, which consists of a presentation hall and several meeting rooms.

Cutting Days 2017 takes place in Šumperk between September 4 – 12 and will provide visitors with the first exclusive opportunity to see this modern facility close-up.