​​​​​Dormer expands carbide milling programme


Dormer has strengthened its solid carbide milling programme with the addition of 44 new products.

These include additions to existing families as well as several completely new ranges and provides a comprehensive offer covering almost every material type and application.

Highlights from the launch include:

  • multi-material chamfer cutters: available with 60°, 90° or 120° angles.
  • ball nose cutters: numerous surface finishes and rake angles broaden the range of applications across the full spectrum of material types
  • four flute corner radius end mills: featuring unequal helix geometry and a variety of corner radii for smoother cutting action and increased corner life in tough applications
  • cutters for difficult to machine materials:  including unequal helix and unequal pitch geometry tools to support operations from slotting to semi-finishing.
  • multi-flute super-finishing cutters 
  • cutters for Aluminium / non-ferrous materials


All new cutters are available in a variety of cut and overall lengths to promote use in a range of operations.


The additions compliment Dormer's existing S8XX and S9XX cutter ranges which provide options for general purpose and multi-application requirements.


Further information on all new cutters can be found in the below 45-page extract taken from Dormer's 2015 catalogue, which is now available to order via all local sales offices.


New SC milling cutters - Set 1 (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French)

New SC milling cutters - Set 2 (Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish)

New SC milling cutters - Set 3 (Italian, German, Dutch, French)

New SC milling cutters - Set 4 (Czech, Russian, Polish, Slovakian)

New SC milling cutters - Set 5 (Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, South American Spanish, English)

New SC milling cutters - Set 6 (Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, English)