Shipping Options Have Changed


Please note our updated shipping options.

In our continued effort to provide our channel with the highest level of support, we are improving our shipment carrier options.

​Starting February 20, 2020, we will be transitioning from UPS to FedEx for our Flat Rate Shipping Program. The new options for Flat Rate shipping and their corresponding codes in our eShop are:

  • 141 - FedEx Priority Overnight Prepaid

  • 142 - FedEx 2 day Prepaid

  • 143 - FedEx Ground Prepaid

Going forward, FedEx will be our preferred carrier; however, if customers prefer to use UPS, they will need to provide us with their UPS collect account number. 

Take advantage of the time and money savings our Flat Rate Shipping Program offers!

Shipping prices within the Flat Rate Program remain the same and any order over $500 ships for free!

Read more about this program or ask a member of our customer service team.

Distributors can login to our eShop and see these new options at checkout.