High Productivity Deep Hole Drilling


The Cobalt High Speed Steel Dormer PFX Parabolic Flute

​​Experience the high productivity of the Dormer PFX premium cobalt high speed steel drills, available in screw machine, jobber, taper and extra-length designs.

Providing ​you options for your drilling applications, the PFX is ideal for most engineering materials operating in depths of 3xD (A920, A921), 6xD (A900, A901), 10xD (A940, A941) and 15xD (A976, A977, A978).

All drills feature a parabolic flute design for increased chip space and improved chip evacuation capabilities. This design allows greater hole depths to be achieved in some cases without the need for pecking. A thick web increases the structural strength of the drill for greater rigidity and minimizes the risk of drill breakage.  In addition, the special point geometry promotes excellent centering - eliminating the requirement for a pilot hole - and reduces thrust force and power requirements.​

Available in bright finish across the full range, a Smooth-Flow coating option is available on screw machine, jobber and taper lengths. This AlCrN-top coating reduces the coefficient of friction, increases wear resistance and, in combination with the parabolic flute, eliminates chip packing at greater depths.

Download our PFX flyer to learn more about this high speed steel product.