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Check out the expanding selection of reliable round and indexable cutting tools being launched in 2021.



To help your business grow and grasp new opportunities, we have launched a series of tools within our milling, turning, parting-off and grooving assortments.

This includes new five-flute end mills, expanding our GL range for small part machining and grooving with a shorter overhang, S6 cutters for aluminum ​components, a barrel-shaped end mill, an improved turning grade generation and larger sizes within our TNGX range for true 90° shoulder milling.

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New generation of five-flute end mills
A new generation of solid carbide five-flute end mills, specifically for dynamic milling in general machining and die and mold applications.

Grooving growth continues 
We have expanded our GL assortment for parting-off and deep grooving applications with a range of tools, double-edged inserts and geometries. 

Delivering true 90° shoulder milling​
We have expanded our offer for true 90° shoulder milling in various materials. ​

Barrel end mill halv​es machine time 
An advanced barrel-shaped end mill for efficient five-axis machining for
 aerospace and die and mold applications.

Next generation turning grade
Our flagship PVD grade T8330 is upgraded with a new coating for increased durability and performance. 

Aluminum cutters for extra dimension
A new range of solid carbide end mills for alumin​um and non-ferrous material.​