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Round Tool Catalog - 7432664
Indexable Tool Catalog - 7455479​
2017 Round Tool Catalog (English) 16MB2017 I​NCH Indexa​ble (EN/ES/FR) 78MB

2018 Round Tool Catalog (EN/ES/PT/FR)-Metric 25MB
2017 INCH Indexable Supplement (2017.1) (EN) 6MB

2017 INCH Indexable Supplement (201​7.2) (EN) 13MB

2017 METRIC Indexable (EN/ES/FR) 115MB

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Shark Taps​ - 7473351
​Force Drills - 7714730
​End Mills - 7714679
End Mills

​Metallurgy - 7473353
MRO - 7589937
Aerospace - 7473375

​Company Overview - 7473352

Company Overview


Catalog Tips and Tricks

To make the best out of your usage of our literature, check back here for tips and tricks for easy cutting tool selection.​

Tip #8

If you are having trouble interpreting a page in our turning section of the catalog go to pages T4 - T5. It gives you an overveiw of everything you are looking at on a typical turning cutter page

Tip #7

Looking for a specific EDP# in our Round Tool Catalog?  Quickly find the product page by using the reference guide in the back of the catalog starting on page 586.

Tip #6

To quickly find the turning and milling inserts and cutters in our Pramet catalog use the alpha numeric index pages.  They are located on pages T2-T3 for our turning products and M2-M3 for our milling products.

Tip #5

In our Round Tool Catalog you can quickly reference the type of tool you are searching for using the Visual Index at the front of the catalog. (pages 9-17)

Tip #4

To find the EDP number or ISO code for any of the ANSI codes listed in the Pramet catalog simply look at the cross-reference guide in the back of the catalog. (Pages X15-X53)


Tip #3

When pre-drilling holes for tapping always remember that most Tap-Drill charts are made for using HSS Drills. Solid Carbide Drills will drill a tighter, more accurate hole so you should compensate for this by using a slightly larger Solid Carbide Drill.  A size that will provide 65% thread percentage is always preferred.


Tip #2

Having trouble finding our round tool styles in the catalog?  Use the index on the inside of the front cover.

Tip #1
When ordering a Pramet complete clamp set accessory for your turning holder, be sure to check page T363. It shows what is included in the set.