Precision Twist Drill Logo Gets a New Look


The brand that revolutionized high speed steel drill bits when it launched in 1952 and is world-renown for National Aerospace Standard (NAS) drill bits is getting a new look.

A​s of May 2021, the Precision Twist Drill brand of cutting tools will have a new logo. The new logo keeps the PTD green that has been integral to the Precision brand experience. As well, the PTD green will continue to be the color of tube packaging.

The major upgrade in the logo design is the removal of the micrometer that formed the “P” in the previous logo and the addition of the chip, which is the unifying visual element that unites all Dormer Pramet cutting tool brands going forward.

The Precision Twist Drill logo has always held strong brand recognition and meaning for our team members, channel partners and customers. Precision Twist Drill was launched in Crystal Lake, Illinois in 1952 specifically to support the micro drill market. As the leading micro drill manufacturer, adding a micrometer to the Precision Twist Drill logo aligned with our vision, mission and values. A brand built on precision with quality products that delivered reliability to its broad customer base.

As our company has grown, we have integrated new cutting tool brands into our family of products. With a catalog of special and standard round and indexable tools that exceed 50,000 items, unifying our brand logos is vital as we continue to expand and add products to our assortment. The chip is the visual element within our company and brand logos that unifies the user experience, delivering increased visual recognition to channel partners and customers.

The new logo is being launched alongside a new label layout for our Precision Twist Drill and Union Butterfield products. The change in the label layout is in response to surveys and feedback conducted with our channel partners and customers over the past several years. Just as the updated logo improves the visual brand experience, the new label will improve the functionality of our packaging for the user. The new layout delivers a consistent placement of part numbers and technical information to users.

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